Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Ron Paul movement is bigger than Ron Paul

The Ron Paul movement is not just about the 72 year old doctor from Texas. He merely serves as an example, perhaps the best example, of a patriotic American doing what he can to serve his nation. The movement is about patriotism. There is no special interest money greasing the movement: no pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for long term supporters like that waiting for Bush-Cheney supporters (think cushy jobs at Halliburton or other defense contractors). There is no prospect of tapping easy money through appeals to voter emotions like there is for Democrats with their promises of fixing everything for the people with a wave of the government wand. The Ron Paul movement is about educating people about the real long term interests of America and constantly having to deconstruct the mistruths being sold by political opportunists to the general population. This is a movement of patriotism, and it takes heart and courage to be a part of it.

What inspires the movement is love. We in the Ron Paul movement, in fighting for an ever more prosperous America, do so for our eternal destiny, as our fate is inextricably tied to that of our civilization.

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