Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Chusid of Liberal Values is an Israel-firster

Reuters recently published a blog post titled, "Ron Paul Raises Almost Six Million But Remains a Fringe Candidate", written by Ron Chusid, from the "Liberal Values" blog. Of all the blog posts in the blogosphere discussing Ron Paul, this is the most negative and critical one I've ever seen, and Reuters happened to choose it to be published.

Ron Chusid is a hyper Israel-firster. Just today, Ron Chusid wrote another extremely anti-Paul blog post, titled "A Republican Case Against Republican Candidates". In it, he quotes a Jewish neoconservative Michael Medved. Note that Ron Chusid is very critical of the Republican party, but for the purposes of attacking Ron Paul and protecting Israel, Chusid is allying with warmongering Republicans like Medved.

In his post, Chusid chooses to criticize, from all the Republican presidential candidates, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. He does not criticize "double gitmo" Romney. He does not criticize "bomb bomb Iran" McCain. He does not criticize "AIPAC's dream team" Giuliani. No, despite professing to be an anti-war liberal, Chusid criticizes the two candidates that have arguably (with respect to Huckabee) shown the least tendency for war-mongering.

It is clear that Chusid's only purpose is to defend Israel. That Reuters, one of the most important media organizations in the world, decides to publish Ron Chusid's article, of all the articles on Ron Paul's tea party fundraising success, is extremely disturbing, and points to something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark.

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