Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Most Evil Thing in the World

We know of a lot of evils in this world: US support for Saddam in the 1980's and the subsequent lies to get the US to invade Iraq in the 2000's, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Nazi concentration camps, the Soviet Gulags, the 18th century slave trade, etc, but none of them in my mind compare to something that is being carried out right now: the Social Security and Medicare scam.

How could I compare mass murder to the mismanagement of government retirement/health-care funds you ask? In the same way I compare the slave trade of the 18th century to that carried by the Roman empire 2000 years ago and conclude that the 18th century slave trade was a greater evil despite the one of the Roman Empire having been carried out on a far greater scale. I see it as the greater shortcoming of humanity relative to its moral potential at the time of the event. The 18th century civilization that had the capability to create Thomas Paine's Rights of Man and John Locke's belief in the equality of man is expected to function at a higher moral plane than that of Roman antiquity.

In this light, what is being done right now, as we speak, to every single American, is unfathomably evil. Every single day, this evil is being carried out, with the implicit consent of the majority of the population.

The government, under the guise of social welfare, has demanded that every individual hand over a portion of their income to the government Social Security Trust and Medicare Trust. Trillions of dollars have been taken by force -at the threat imprisonment- from millions of people, in the most developed and democratic nation in the world, the original Constitutional Republic.

The justification given for this violation of the citizens' individual liberty has been that the good that would come from the Social Security and Medicare programs would so outweigh the evil of using coercion, that on the balance it would be morally acceptable.

Instead, every year, as we speak, politicians, with the help of hundreds of thousands of their campaign aids, volunteers, and supportive media organizations, have been spending that Social Security and Medicare money on other programs, making it mathematically impossible for the United States government to ever provide Social Security and Medicare payments to all the people who were forced to contribute to the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

Watch this video in which the Comptroller General of the United States, David Walker, says that the present Social Security and Medicare obligations of the government are impossible to fulfill due to decades of fiscal irresponsibility by politicians:

A nation that has a free press, the strongest and longest tradition of liberty and equal justice of any nation in the world, the most advanced communication network in the world, 24 hour news channels, and the greatest number of computers connected to the internet, is in effect watching passively, with eyes wide shut, as the political class steals in slow motion from generations of Americans. Over several decades, millions of people are being condemned to die a slow and painful death in poverty when they are too old and sick to work.

A nation as advanced as the United States has the benefit of having at its disposal a comprehensive record of human history and its many tragedies, as well as its many moral triumphs, to study and learn from, and yet it is simply consenting to this vile evil being carried out. Nothing in my mind is as evil as this.

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