Thursday, July 12, 2007

How to convince older people to vote for Ron Paul

I think in order for Ron Paul to win, the mostly young, internet savvy Ron Paul supporters needs to find a way to convert the older more traditional crowd. Older people need to realize that younger people are ready to take the reigns of leadership and bring about a better future. Getting them to understand the merits of a Ron Paul presidency is vital to our goal of winning the elections. The following is my thoughts on how this can be done.

Make them understand the long term implications of staying the course (in a broad sense, not just in reference to Iraq which is the context one recently hears the term in) with the 'mainstream' Republican/Democrat candidates. They must understand the economic trouble America is in, and they must understand that America WILL lose its position as the world's most prosperous nation if this continues. Economic data needs to be pointed to. For example:

America's social security obligations are staggering and far outpace the estimates of what America will be able to afford. This article explains that in 2025, there will be 2 workers paying for the benefits of each retiree, in opposed to the 3.3 workers per retiree now and the 16 workers per retiree in 1950, when social security started: Social Security's Inevitable Future

Americans' personal savings rates are in the negative and declining. This article from the federal reserve (I don't support the federal reserve setup on economic principle but I do think there are various useful articles that are published by it) shows this: Questions and Reflections on the Personal Saving Rate

American median wages, that is the wage that the largest number of Americans earn, has decreased in the last 35 years. Here are some figures to demonstrate this: wage data

Please let me know your thoughts, I can improve this if you give recommendations.

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