Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ron Paul's meteoric rise to top candidate

When Ron Paul entered the presidential race in March of this year, he was considered a fringe candidate who had no serious chance of winning but added a fresh infusion of constitutional ideals and libertarian ideas into the republican race. After the first Republican debate in May, he became the Kucinich of the Republican party: the dissenting voice that spoke to the conscience of the base, deriding the failed policy of foreign intervention, and reminding the party that the Republican party was ignoring the coming bankruptcy of the American economy.

This all changed after the second Republican debates. Ron Paul's challenge to Rudy Guliani on the root causes of muslim terrorism against America- by blaming interventionist policies for formenting Islamic terrorism- and his subsequent defiance in the face of Guliani's applause-accompanied request that he apologize for his statement, awoke something in America that has shocked and sidelined all of the mainstream presidential candidates since then, Democrat and Republican. Suddenly Ron Paul became the lone voice of reason and integrity in a sea of politic correctness and political expedience. He became the only person who had the courage to speak out about America's real problems while all of the others spoke like politicians. In the era of Youtube and instant information exchange, the truth of this state became apparent to millions of disillusioned Americans who saw in Ron Paul a chance to get their nation back on track.

Despite having zero mainstream support, and lacking the tens of millions that the large special interest groups give to the frontrunner candidates that represent their agendas, Ron Paul has become the candidate to beat in poll after poll. He consistently beats the mainstream candidates like Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney in straw polls, and gets up to 90% of the votes in internet polls. Ron Paul's following is far and away the most enthusiastic and the fastest growing of any presidential candidate. He represents the core ideals of America, ideals that have been ignored by political campaign managers for the last few decades who have been more focused on 30 second sound bites and 'get-tough-on-crime' type appeals to voter emotions. Ron Paul represents a change in America, a change brought about by the free flow of information that the internet has permitted. Ron Paul is America's future, and the future is bright.


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Excellent article...Ron Paul give us hope. Be diligent and spread the word!!

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