Friday, October 19, 2007

Cyberwar: China Declares War On Western Search Sites

The Chinese Government is clearly using its censorship regime to the economic benefit of a Chinese owned (but NASDAQ listed) company. Although the United States Government is a poor WTO member (Antigua anyone) given that China is a recent member the US Government should lodge a complaint with the WTO. China expects free and open access to Western nations but is now not only blocking, but also redirecting domestic traffic away from Western internet sites that compete with local firms.

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SPy Guy said...

I saw the former Chief Strategist of Netscape speak on Cyber Warfare at the SECTOR Conference in Toronto, What an eye opening experience. He stated that given the current cyber weapons race, a cyber war is all but a sure thing. He said "with every tick of the clock we are one second closer to an all out cyber war." He also talked about a number of cyber weapons that are both software and hardware. The attack on Syria seem like a small skirmish compared to the massive cyber events in late 2007.