Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dailykos attacks Ron Paul

I always thought that the flak that the "left" got from the right was typical neocon bullshit. I figured that Democrats were never really serious proponents of big-government and over-regulation: that their main goal was to limit the power of the warmongering parasites in the republican party. I thought that maybe their advocacy for social programs was not a reflection of their core principles, but a misguided expression of their desire to help the poor. They saw all these hundreds of billions of dollars being wasted on foreign adventures, so why not at least use a small portion of that government expenditure for a cause that would actually help people. I thought that the real idiots only existed on the right- those mindless war-mongering minions of the military-industrial complex, but my illusions were shattered after seeing various Dailykos blogs attacking Ron Paul . These are calling Ron Paul "nuts"- saying he is a crazy radical for wanting to cut spending. They equate wanting the federal government in its proper constitutional role, and not as a big brother nanny, with a heartless disregard for the poor. These mindless idiots fail to understand that Ron Paul cares about the poor, but doesn't believe in government dictating who gives how much to who. They fail to understand that a man who gave free medical care for his patients who couldn't afford his services is not a heartless capitalist. They are too ideologically attached to big government socialism to consider that when Ron Paul worked for $3 an hour as a medical doctor in a church hospital in the 60's, he did it because he cares about the poor. They fail to understand that it isn't charity that Ron Paul objects to, but tyranny.


Anonymous said...

I am with you.

All of the "straight up" people are with or at least open to Ron Paul.

Everyone else is special interest and wall street.

Anyong said...

Apparently we can't post comments directly on that Daily Kos article (I wonder why?) Anyway I wanted to link to the article that this one mentions, but doesn't link to itself. It is claimed in this article that Ron Paul is a self-proclaimed racist and white supremacist, which is absolutely ludicrous. Here's the link to the actual article from which some tiny snippits are taken entirely out of context. (Of course, the Daily Kos writer says they aren't out of context, but apparently he doesn't know what that means.)

KineticReaction said...

agreed 'well said'

edward, I agree 100% with everything the guy who was writing on behalf of Ron Paul said in that article about the riots. 52 people lost their lives in the LA riots, a far greater tragedy then the beating of Rodney King. The writer of the piece was %100 right on about everything he said, I don't care if he was later fired. Ron Paul shouldn't get flack for speaking the truth. I hope the traitors die.

Tsoldrin said...

Meet the new gatekeepers