Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Open letter to Google and Microsoft


This is it folks. This is the chance to change the world for the better. Microsoft, Google, you both have the money to be able to influence the outcome of the elections. Why let big oil and other companies in the military industrial complex decide the direction of the country?

Bill Gates, you're spending over $20 Billion dollars of your own money to help the poor around the world. How about you spend some of that money to help get elected a man who cares about and understands the country more than any other politician? Isn't America the nation that gave you platform to become as wealthy as you are? Isn't it your duty to help bring this amazing man into office?

For 20 years, Ron Paul has been the ONLY voice in Congress that has consistently spoken out against government taxation/spending. He has been the ONLY voice to speak out against the inflationary monetary system that has eaten away at the middle class. He has been the ONLY voice to speak out against the broken borders. He has been the ONLY voice on all of the issues that are integral to America's future.

Google, Microsoft, there is no man in the world who, in the role of a politician, would do more for your business than Ron Paul. He would bring back sound money (versus inflationary federal reserve money controlled behind closed doors by a elite few), real economic growth, and respect for the law (e.g. he would enforce immigration laws which are being pissed on everyday). He is the ultimate pro-stock market candidate. He is the ultimate pro-freedom candidate. He is the best politician in the world precisely because he is the one that wants to limit the power politicians yield the most. Google, Microsoft, the world needs your help.

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