Monday, June 25, 2007

1988 vs 2007: Drugs vs Terror

In 1988, there was a War on Drugs (tm), in 2007, there is a War on Terror (tm). This video from 1988 shows a fat idiot calling for a more aggressive military campaign to win the "war on drugs", very similar to the idiots today promoting a more aggressive campaign in the "war on terror". See for yourself the similarity between the attitudes towards drugs in 1988 and terror in 2007.

The parallels become even more apparent in the second clip which displays the fanaticism and herd mentality of people towards those, like Ron Paul, who dared advocate legalizing drugs.

This next clip has a few great quotes. From brainwashed fanatical woman:

"before we give in this to this idea of legalizing drugs which is going to create more problems let us fight a real war with real troops, make a real commitment, and get these phoney hypocrites out of here"

different issue, exact same herd mentality.

I liked this exchange:

brainwashed woman: "before we go to legalize drugs more -" Ron Paul interjects: "We want to legalize freedom!"

This next clip gets really good. The buffoons actually start chanting!

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